We make using a server easy and affordable.

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EZblue Software Corp.
PO Box 2521
Corrales NM, 87048

Additional Information

About EZblue Software Corp.

EZblue focuses on developing products that increase business productivity by helping users share, communicate, and analyze information by utilizing software technology that is easy to use and understand. EZblue Software Corporation was founded in 2003 by SpectraComp Communications Corp. SpectraComp has been providing IT solutions to small and medium sized business, educational, and government clients since 1994.

  1. Technology Focus

    EZblue software provides small and medium sized businesses with Linux powered server software solutions based on open standards to ensure our customers are not locked into proprietary software. By leveraging the power of Open-Source technologies, EZblue offers unique, easy to use and feature-rich yet affordable solutions requiring virtually no technical expertise to use and maintain.

    The EZblue Business Server solution is comprised of software packages that transform any standard off-the-shelf PC hardware into powerful home or business servers. EZblue offers record-breaking price performance, along with automation and secure remote access to data, ensuring a worry-free server solution. EZblue Business Server software can start small and expand on-the-fly, to meet any short or long-term business requirement. It fits into any home or business that needs information sharing, web hosting and mail server for increased operational efficiencies and a lower ROI.

  2. Partners / Reseller Options

    EZblue Software Corp. feels strongly that its business viability and success are dependent on the strength and success of its sales and distribution channels. For this reason, the EZblue Authorized Reseller Program is an easy and integrated approach to partnering, providing flexible and scalable partnering options detailed to your needs.

    EZblue Authorized Reseller Program was designed for resellers, distributors, system integrators, and VARs who service the small and medium size business market. The Program offers special pricing based on scaled discounts starting at 3 pieces plus promotional materials. Our aim is to help you maximize your profitability and ensure customer satisfaction with high-quality products and support. Please contact us for more information regarding partnerships.

  1. Intel Storage Community (ISC)

    EZblue Software Corporation, a developer of Linux based server software, is proud to be a member of the Intel Storage Community (ISC). EZblue has a strong commitment to providing leading-edge, standards-based solutions in the server market with its EZblue Business Server products.

    Through our membership in the ISC, EZblue is able to benefit from Intel's new road maps for the development of cost effective leading-edge server solutions.

    EZblue Business Server software when used in conjunction with Intel processors based hardware provides a new breed of high-performance server solutions. Leveraging Intel processors technology, through our participation in the ISC results in cost effective storage solutions for our small and medium sized business customers.

    Small and medium sized businesses need easy-to-install, easy-to-manage and easy-to-own server solutions based on industry-standard architectures. EZblue Business Servers Linux based software running on industry-standard PC's powered by Intel® processors is an important milestone. It is flexible, scalable and a cost-effective solution designed to meet the needs of most SME without the need for an IT staff. EZblue is commitment to making servers less expensive and easier to use and manage.

    We look forward to continuing to work with Intel to deliver open, reliable and easy to manage storage solutions to help customers meet their demanding information management needs.