We make using a server easy and affordable.

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Additional Information

Imagine a server with an ultra-low power design and whisper quiet operation. Imagine a server operating system and software applications that are fast, simple, and intuitive. You don't have to imagine anymore. Your new Mach I server is available now at an affordable price. It is a fully loaded, turn-key server that’s ready to be used in your home office or in your small business.

  1. Complete High Preformance Server

    Simplify your computing experience with your own server and save money on outside services. Everything you need in one amazing package. You get a complete server now with 1TB data drive it's the perfect solution for those looking for a turnkey server that is ready to use out of the box. See what is included below. Nothing to install, Mach I comes with our server software pre-installed so all you have to do is connect it to your network. Built on high performance hardware yet environmentally friendly with ultra-low power consumption and low noise generation. Store your data, photos and stream your music with the optional streaming server module. Just connect it to your network and you're set to go! Order today!

  2. Secure Your Data

    Keep all data safe and secure. Only authorized users can gain access.

  3. Back-up and Restore

    Built-in tools that make backing-up and restoring your data a breeze.

  4. Web Server

    Host your website(s) through your own network and save money.

  5. Mail Server

    Be like a big business and run your own mail server in house using the optional mail server module.

  6. Print Server

    Share your printer with everyone in your business with our included print server.

  7. Software Updates

    Free online server software updates keep your server current.

  8. Remote Access

    You are never far away from your data. Access your data remotely over the internet

  1. Sample Network Configuration

  2. Mach I Package Includes:

    Processor Type: AMD Dual Core
    Data Drive: SATA 3.0 1TB Disk Drive
    Optional Backup Drive: 2TB SATA Disk Drive
    Memory: 2GB DDR2
    Optical Drive: CD/DVD-ROM drive
    1 - Serial port
    6 - USB 2.0 ports
    Software: EZblue Business Server (5 users)
    One-year warranty
    Reg. Price: $795.00
    Sale Price: $595.00 plus shipping